Member Spotlight



Ruth Thomas


"I had been writing for a lot of years, but had never done anything with what I had written.  Then God began to deal with me about writing a book on prayer.  The book was about half written when I found an advertisement in a local paper for Vines And Vessels Christian writing group, 
I went to look at their web sight, and I was both amazed and over-whelmed.  The sight said that a lot of these people were published authors.  Then I looked closely at their credentials. They were amazing. So I decided to attend a meeting. That day I prayed all the way to the meeting, and I told God that these people were way over my head. I knew that they would not be interested in a "want to be" like me.
I was SO wrong.  First I found that these were genuine and honest people that were down to earth.  Their accomplishments did not go to their head, and they were more than willing to encourage and help anyone who had a serious interest in writing. Another fact that impressed me was the diversity of the group.  There were both men and women of every age group.  There were some teens there that shared some awesome things they had written as well. They were only interested in
"helping" "want to be's" like me to succeed.
I now have a book of Poems that will soon be published, and a book on Prayer that is being edited. I am so encouraged, and looking forward to advancing in my writing.
If you even dabble in writing, I would encourage you to at least attend a meeting of Vines and Vessels and find out what a difference it can make in your life."

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